Hello my dear followers and Riku x Sora fans~

Here’s another translation for you to enjoy~image

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Woww, you are SO FAST OwO <3 Thank you for the lovely translation as always! ♥♥♥ I didn’t think it possible, but this doujinshi just became a 100 times more adorable, now…

I’m glad you like it<3 Thank you so much for the scans! They really made me happy :D

Sorry if you experienced problems on my blog! I was messing around, trying to edit a new theme. I hope that now the reblog and follow buttons appear properly because some of guys said that you can’t find them.

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Wohooo! ^__^

Thank you so much as always for the scans!*hugs*

Well you can guess what I will do with them xD I’ll try and translate it as soon as possible :D

» Help!

Hey there everyone! I need a little help from you guys in regards to some pictures from Iwatobi Swim Club.

I plan on making some handmade stuff and I wanted to use the spirit animals of the characters but I can’t seem to find a good high quality scans of them. I remember seeing them somewhere but I was baka and forgot to save them :(

I plan on making rings or pendants with various images from my favorite fandoms and I need to include Free! ^__^

Can you help me by directing to some good scans with the animals, pretty please?