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"7 days" In progress

Yo! I started to translate this awesome doujin a couple of days ago.

It’s going to take a while before I finish it because I have 3 more exams( hope I pass them all >_<), but as usual, distractions are everywhere. I do a page of this, read fanfics and manga…watch a show…Yup. Never learn my lesson. I’m the kind of person who tries to study in the last 2 days before an exam. -sigh- If only I could read my subject books as fast as I read a fanfic that would be awesome xD

So, yeah here’s a little preview for now. Stay tuned for the full version :)



Thank you sooo much for the translation ^__^ I’m so happy! I really appreciate it :D



Thank you very much! Even if it was a little, I appreciate that you helped me :)
Translation request

Hello everyone! :)

I need a little bit of help and if someone can offer it, I will be very happy :)

I found a doujinshi from an artist that I like very much but I could only find it in Chinese and I don’t understand this language.

If someone out there is a native Chinese or understands the language and is also a fan of Katekyo Hitman Reborn, please, could you provide me a translation?

This is the doujinshi “Cross Colors” by Kubyou Azami which features Giotto/G and Gokudera/Tsuna.( it’s Pg-13 btw)

I love the artwork very much ^_^ and I’m very curious about what they are saying.

You can download it HERE.

Please help a fangirl out :)



Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone has doujinshi from Suiden Crow/Fujimaru Mirai

because I love the Giotto x Tsuna ones so much, especially Ai no Uta, but sadly I cannot find the final part in the series…(I think I found it in Chinese at some point but I didn’t want to read it if I don’t understand).

I humbly ask if someone has doujinshi from this artist and would be kind enough to share them with me? (I solemnly swear that I won’t upload them anywhere!)

I only read Ai no Uta and Neve( <—-I still haven’t finished translating this one, but I will eventually).

Please help out a fellow fangirl if you can :)

Thank you very much!^_^