» Kira Kira Hikaru translation


Well guess what I did the moment I saw a new RS doujinshi? xD

I had to translate it :D Chibi Sora and Riku are so adorable!

Credit for the scans goes to moongorgeous (Thank you so much for sharing it with us!)

(Hope I don’t have any typos)

I hope it’s not confusing, especially on the last pages because I had a little trouble on them. Please leave some comments sometime and let know what you guys think.

Oh, and by the way, can someone please help me on a matter?

I wanted to post the pages and I’ve seen that pictures can be put, let’s say 3 in a row, but I can’t :/ I can only put them in a long column and it makes the page way to big. Do i need to have another theme installed?

EDIT: Sorry! I forgot to add pages 15 and 16!

It’s fixed now.

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